1MRR.COM - Business (1)Welcome to The Head Of Marketing, my name is Justin Perry and I am very excited you are here and hope you enjoy your stay. I’d like to introduce myself and let you know what this site is all about, and not about. First and foremost, I do not claim to be “The Head of Marketing” as some all knowing online business and internet marketing guru by any means. However, I am very passionate about online business and digital entrepreneurship, as marketing is an intriguing fascination of mine and everyone else involved at the SFM and DEA,  which I am a very proud member of, and we are all committed to helping you develop a very high level of mastery with your online business skills and knowledge

This website functions as a personal blog for myself in terms of my online marketing experiences, and also a place where I gather and organize marketing materials and inspiration from around the web to share with others, so they can  further develop their own Head of Marketing  for themselves, and hopefully provide insights to all visitors and subscribers, regardless of their level of expertise. This website serves as a starting point and hub for beginners or people that are entertaining the thought of starting an online business. So always feel free to leave a comment or message me via email. 

I value Self Reliance, Assertiveness, Vulnerability and Compassion, Empathy, Open Communication, Tolerance, Overall Balanced Health, Creativity, Abundance, and Fulfillment.

digitalbloggersprofilepicI struggle with sitting still, and am often challenged to sit down and focus on my laptop. I am the type to brainstorm like a hurricane, while others do the technical work. I thrive off my own enthusiasm and inspiration, and am full of ideas. Lots of good ideas, and lots of bad ideas, I need others to help me sort them out. Not a bad thing, I am the ‘inspired one’ while others might be the tech and business savvy types. The truth is, no one becomes successful alone, and not one single person rules their empire single handed. Outsource when appropriate, and offer your own services when appropriate.

Personally, I like advertising itself. I prefer attracting attention for the experts themselves. In that aspect, I love affiliate marketing. I genuinely love promoting a product I invest in myself, and with the way the internet has changed business, I love promoting the skill sets of self reliance and the mindsets of personal development. Really getting other people enthusiastic and setup for their own independence, self reliance, and personal growth is what I call an ideal career. That being said…

There is a good chance you arrived here through one of my paid advertising campaigns via social media networks where I was rapping, or maybe from someone sharing it. The internet and affiliate marketing has somehow given me the opportunity to create my own little music video ads to sell other peoples products. I write my own jingles/raps and marketing campaigns to attract attention and sell peoples products that I am fully invested in myself. I am very happy to earn an income this way because it’s something that blows my own mind time and time again. I do not make a crazy amount of money, but I can comfortably sustain myself and live an abundant and fulfilling life in terms of free time balanced with a solid income.

I have no formal education past high school, am certainly not a ‘rapper’ by any means, I can play the piano and write music at about a 10 year old’s skill level, and am not particularly an expert in any field of online marketing. Although I do have a pretty good understanding of the basics, both in terms of technical skills, and sales psychology, but really, I am just an average guy. But being strategic and putting all these things to good use in an organized way has produces consistent results.

If I can run an online business, you can run an online business, this I am sure about. This website, myself, and the SFM, are here to help you achieve that. Being an affiliate and partner of the Six Figure Mentors has changed my life in so many ways and I can’t even imagine going back to the way I was prior to investing in myself through the SFM.

One of my biggest grievances with the internet now is the amount of flash, animation, side bars, and pop ups etc. I have tried to keep the ‘flash’ to a minimum on this website. As an online marketer myself, I am blown away at how often I am genuinely interested in someones blog or product, am on the website for less than 15 seconds, just getting a feel for the layout and Bam! A Pop Up for me to join the mailing list totally distracts me, kills my buzz, and my engagement level resets, then I leave the website because I feel like they just rudely interrupted my focus and interest in Their Own Content or Product! It’s mind bottling!

My aim for this website is also to have a place that is easy on the eyes. I tried to keep it to the bare minimum for comforts sake and have a place where the distractions are low. I hope you don’t think this website looks ‘cheap’ or ‘unprofessional’ because I want everything here to be smooth on your eyes while still having the core functionality and content in tact. Enjoy!


-Justin Perry